Spring Steam Gala 4th – 6th March 2016

Posted January 25th, 2016

The Poppyline Railway Spring Steam Gala. Taking place over the first weekend of March. Opportunities to see visiting engines working alongside the engines already on the Poppyline.


Visiting Locomotives

LMS Ivatt Class 4, NO. 43106, 2-6-0 ‘Flying Pig’

SR Maunsell U Class, No. 31806, 2-6-0 ‘U Boat’

Home Fleet Locomotives

BR Standard 9F Class, No. 92203, 2-10-0 ‘Black Prince’

BR Standard 4MT, No. 76084, 2-6-0 ‘Standard 4′

GER Y14 Class, No. 564, 0-6-0

As well as one of the folowing (subject to confirmation)

LNER B12 Class, No. 8572, 4-6-0

HUNSLET ’16 Inch’ Class, No.1982, 0-6-0

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